Christian Singer A Duo Back to Stage in Secular Show after "Rebirth"

The cover of A Duo's album "Reborn"
The cover of A Duo's album "Reborn"
By Zoe Zhang July 2nd, 2020

A Duo, a Christian singer who has been away from the stage for several years, has returned to visibility with a Chinese secular popular show.

In the show named" Ladies Who Make Waves," A Duo sang "Liar Song," which comes from the 2017 album "Reborn."

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A few years after leaving the music stage, Aduo experienced a "rebirth."

As she mentioned on the show: "I used to work 15 hours a day and became a cash cow. I was ill for half a year and almost died. During that time, I was lying in bed and couldn't talk or walk. When I opened my eyes and could only saw the blue sky and white clouds, I felt these were so beautiful. Then I closed my eyes and continued to sleep. I believed I would become crazy if I went on like this.

"I thought I should live one more time and threw everything away, so I decided to become a peasant woman. During those five years, I felt that ‘I have ignored everything around me’. I always wanted to be the first before, but one day, I suddenly understood the truth that I needed to stop pursuing the first and allow myself to become the only me. "

A Duo is no longer lost in the entertainment world, but has believed in the Lord for many years! According to her testimony in 2016, she had been a Christian for six years and was baptized five years previously.

In the album "Reborn," many elements shine a light on the Christian faith. Below are two excerpts from her two songs. 


Stand on the cloud, watch the rainfall. A crack can let the light shine in.

Step on the Red Sea, float across the river, walk through the wilderness and the desert, sprout cane brings rainbow.

If a seed doesn’t die, how will it produce wheat? A crack can let the light shine in.

"Abba Said":

Dad, always tells the story. Many years have passed since you left home.

He said, no matter poor or rich, I was waiting for you, turned around, and be with me.

Everything is yours, hey, if you turn to me.

In addition, she also launched a public welfare healing radio program called "Seventy-seven" to help listeners re-examine and understand injuries and difficulties in life.

- Translated by Elaina Wu

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