Mandarin 'Hamlet' Scheduled in November

William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare (photo: Pixabay)
By Mei ManuelNovember 5th, 2018

One of English playwright William Shakespeare's popular plays, "Hamlet", will be performed in Mandarin under the direction of Chinese director Li Liuyi on November 28 at the National Centre for the Performing Arts as part of its world tour.

Hamlet is the second production that Li cooperated with the Royal Shakespeare Company and according to Li, the partnership and play aims to introduce the works of the playright's work to the Chinese audience better with the help of both poems and drama.

"Hamlet is a benchmark for actors, and each Hamlet version rehearsed and played in every corner of the world has its own spirit to inherit," said Hu Jun, who will play Denmark prince Hamlet.

Hamlet belongs to the world, and its vitality will exist forever, Hu added.

Veteran theatrical actor Pu Cunxin, currently chairman of the China Theatre Association, will star as Claudius and the ghost of the late king.

"Chinese should have their own understanding of Shakespeare," said Pu, China's most popular Shakespeare actor. Pu also said that understanding Shakespeare's texts would help people see its similarities with Chinese culture.

German set designer Michael Simon will serve as the show's set designer, and William Cheung from Hong Kong serves as costume designer.


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