Jehiah Band To Launch Music Tour in Shenzhen

Mail building of Buji Church, Shenzhen
Mail building of Buji Church, Shenzhen (photo: Buji Church)
By Ai Mo June 26th, 2024

The famous music team, Jehiah Band, will have a music tour on June 29 at Shenzhen Buji Church in Guangdong.

According to Chronicles 25:1, the word “Jehiah” is composed of the first characters of the Chinese translations of the three leaders named Jeduthun, Heman, and Asaph.

On June 25, the church issued a notice, introducing that the lead singers, such as Fankoucao, Lin Xiaoyong, and Zheng Yi, will come to perform music.

According to the introduction, Jehiah Music Ministry was established in 2009. Jehiah School of Music was launched in 2011.

Fankoucao, a music producer, is dedicated to promoting Chinese local original gospel songs with his representative works "Home of My Heart," "Beautiful World," and "Unending Song of Grace."

Lin Xiaoyong is a gospel singer, with his representative works "Come Back! Come Back!" "True Love's Calling" and "Calvary's Love."

Zheng Yi, a Chinese mainland music singer and songwriter, released his first solo digital album, Unwavering, in 2023.

- Translated by Olinda Wang

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