Ningbo Centennial Church Holds Special Prayer Meeting for College Entrance Exam

On April 8, 2019, the 40th anniversary of the restoration of Ningbo Centennial Church service was held.
On April 8, 2019, the 40th anniversary of the restoration of Ningbo Centennial Church service was held.
By Mark Cui June 11th, 2024

On the evening of June 6, 2024, Ningbo Centennial Church, Zhejiang, held a special prayer meeting for students who took the college entrance examination.

From June 7, more than 13 million students took this year's gaokao, the annual college entrance examination in China, said the Ministry of Education. 

After the hymn worship, Pastor En Hui preached from the Chinese TV series "To the Wonder", which is adapted from a novel on the nomadic life in Altay, Xinjiang, on the relationship between the mother Zhang Fengxia, and the daughter Li Wenxiu, which led to the topic “What is a ‘useful’ person?” En Hui pointed out that "the child himself/herself is of the greatest value and significance", and reminded parents of no tiger parenting, as the children may not live as they want them to, but learning to relax helps them understand that there are always more ways than difficulties. She encouraged parents to drive their children forward so that ordinary children can also live a complete life. Parents should learn to wait until their children grow up, accept their children's commonness, and help them find their bright spots. She added that parenting is actually growing together with children. "May God lead them on this road."

After sharing, Pastor En Hui continued to lead the congregation to respond to the message in prayer. Then a group of co-workers of Samuel's fellowship prayed for the children in various aspects of their lives, health, and interpersonal relationships. They prayed for God to protect and guide them, make them full of vitality, and help them grow up healthy in body and mind. They prayed for God to enrich their interpersonal communication so that they could establish good relations with their families, friends, and teachers, give them wisdom and empathy, and learn to communicate with others and resolve conflicts.

At the same time, the participants prayed for their studies and asked God to give them concentration and motivation to complete their studies. They prayed for God to guide them to discover their talents and interests and lay a foundation for their future development.

They also prayed for parents, asking God to give them wisdom and patience to better understand and guide their children.

In particular, they prayed for the children who were going to take the college entrance examination, the senior high school entrance examination, and the junior high school entrance examination, requesting the Lord to give them wisdom and strength to face the challenge and play their best in the examinations.

- Translated by Oliver Zuo

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