Testimony: Mixed-Race Troubled Girl Saved by Gospel

A girl prays to the sky on a hill at sunset.
A girl prays to the sky on a hill at sunset. (photo: Canva.com)
By Ruo WangFebruary 13th, 2024

A Christian fellow I hadn't seen in a while unexpectedly asked me about another believer named Sally, with whom I haven't spoken in a long time, only knowing that she is currently working in Shanghai.

Sally is a mixed-race girl whose ancestors moved to Southeast Asia in their youth and settled there. Sally's parents are both mixed-race Chinese and locals.

However, misfortune caught the family in Sally’s childhood when all their property was destroyed. Fortunately, her family survived unharmed. The family decided to return to China for safety reasons, eventually settling in a southeastern city under the care of the motherland.

But not long after, her father developed a terminal illness due to his busy and distressed life and died soon after, leaving the wife and daughter to rely on each other. Sally’s mother could only support the family by working part-time, all of which clouded Sally's childhood.

A few years later, Sally reached puberty when she was ostracized and bullied in school due to her family issues, her mixed-race appearance, and her height of 1.45m. To avoid being bullied, she joined a group of wayward girls and became a troubled girl.

But luckily, her mother met a Christian woman at church who kept preaching to her. After all the ups and downs, Sally’s mother soon accepted the Lord, becoming a faithful believer.

Sally also accepted Christianity under her mother's influence and stopped hanging with those troubled girls. Her churchmates empathized with her misery and frequently showed her love and care. Since then, she has always smiled with a joyful heart. Knowing Sally's family's struggles, a church elder decided to pay for part of her tuition each year until she graduated from college.

After graduating from college, Sally returned to the church, serving as an important member of the youth fellowship. She became active and enthusiastic after following the Lord and often led worship and praise. Believers all admired her exotic dance.

Sally got a decent job through the church's arrangement, allowing her to take good care of her mother. She was conscientious at work, receiving appreciation from her boss and colleagues. Within a few years, she was promoted to department head in the company.

According to the elder, who once helped Sally, she is currently doing well. She also found love a few years ago and is currently raising three children. The elder always testified that it was the gospel that saved Sally.

- Translated by Poppy Chan

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