Overseas Short-Term Training Sharing Session Held in Shanghai

Shanghai CC&TSPM held a sharing session on overseas training on March 23, 2023.
Shanghai CC&TSPM held a sharing session on overseas training on March 23, 2023. (photo: Shanghai CC&TSPM )
By Mark Cui April 11th, 2023

Shanghai CC&TSPM held a half-monthly learning salon about overseas short training.

Shanghai CC&TSPM on March 23 held a sharing session about overseas short training, attended by more than 20 members of the external affairs team and young and middle-aged pastoral staff, according to Shanghai CC&TSPM.

Rev. Xu Yulan, chairman of Shanghai CC&TSPM, pointed out that with the support of CCC&TSPM and CC&TSPMs in districts of Shanghai, they had successively sent more than a dozen pastoral staff abroad for further training. Through the training, the horizons of the working staff had been broadened, and their spiritual life had been shaped, she continued.

Rev. Tian Feng of Pudong New Area CC&TSPM shared his experience of going to Geneva, Switzerland, to participate in the theological studies course of the Bossey Ecumenical of the World Council of Churches. He believed that it was necessary to be good at making a "Chinese voice" in ecumenical dialogue to reflect the self-confidence of the churches in China. The sinicization of Christianity itself also provided a new direction for enriching the theology of the universal church and embodied Chinese wisdom, he added.  

Rev. Chen Yili from Huangpu District CC&TSPM shared her experience in social work training in Aarhus, Denmark. She said one could empathize only by personally contacting the vulnerable group and listening to their voice. The success of the sinicization of Christianity today also depended on the degree of acceptance by all walks of life. Adhering to public welfare, charity, and social services, Chinese churches could adapt to the new era of socialism, she concluded.

- Translated by Livingstones

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