Guangxi Gonghelu Church Celebrates the 20th Anniv. of Reopening

Gonghelu Church of Nanning celebrates the 20th reopening anniversary
Gonghelu Church of Nanning celebrates the 20th reopening anniversary (photo: PHPCMS.CN)
By Yi YangFebruary 22nd, 2017

Gonghelu Church of Nanning, Guangxi, celebrated its 20th reopening anniversary, with more than 150 people from over 30 churches in attendance.

The celebration lasted two days, consisting of four parts including worship and praise meetings and a retreat.

Rev. Wang Conglian, president of Guangxi CCC, shared the topic "Doing good work," encouraging the congregation to preach the gospel and bear fruits. Rev. Tang Songnian, the senior pastor of the Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) Wah Kee Church of Hong Kong, delivered the message of  "Gifts and Ministry" and "Disciples and Outreach."

The church formerly belonged to the American mission of C&MA. In 1897, the American missionary Minnie Landis purchased six rooms and altered them into a chapel with the capacity of over 100 people and a two-story clergy house.

In July 1934, the church gained independence and was under the Chinese association of C&MA as the first independent church in the city. From Oct. 21 to 24, 1966, the church suspended all the services and activities. In 1979 when the policy of freedom of religious belief was implemented by the Chinese government, the church property was returned.

Sixteen years later, new church construction was started on the former site and completed three years later. Rev. Li Hengquan was the senior pastor from 1996 to 2007 and Rev. Zhao Hongmei, the current senior pastor, succeeded him after 2008.

Translated by Karen Luo

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