Korean Church Visits Henan CCC&TSPM

 Rev. Zheng Bidao exchanges gifts with Henan CCC&TSPM
Rev. Zheng Bidao exchanges gifts with Henan CCC&TSPM (photo: CCC&TSPM)
By Josiah LiJune 27th, 2016

A thirteen-person delegate which included Rev. Zheng Bidao of the Korean Sooyoungro Presbyterian Church visited Henan CCC&TSPM on the morning of June 17 and they were received by the provincial pastors of Henan.

According to CCC&TSPM, Rev. Zheng introduced the Busan church and hoped to learn from each other in the symposium. The Church is the largest church in Busan with more than 30,000 members and it is not affiliated with the WCC. 

Rev. Tang Weimin from the provincial CCC&TSPM introduced the church in Henan and stated the importance of Henan Bible School in theological education. Having been built for 27 years, the school has trained over 3000 seminary graduates, resisting the impact the heresies affecting the church. Both sides have also presented gifts to each other.

It is said that Rev. Zheng has visited the Chinese church three times already if one includes the June 2016 visit, building the connections between both countries. Earlier in 2012, the Korean pastor led a team to visit Liaoning CCC&TSPM and the Northeast China Theological Seminary, encouraging the local seminarians with his own service experience.

In April 2015, he visited the Beijing Congwenmen Church and delivered a sermon entitled 'Happy Christians' for the service. 

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