Prof. Xie Wenyu Leads Bible Study on Romans in Church, Jinan

Prof. Xie Wenyu
Prof. Xie Wenyu
By Josiah LiMay 18th, 2016

For the last installment of the Bible study series regarding the Romans entitled "The New Life of Christians", it was Dr. Xie Wenyu who led the discussions on May 7 at the Houzaimen Church in Jinan, Shandong.

Dr. Xie, Professor of Philosophy and Religions in Shandong University, obtained a doctorate in philosophy for religion from the Claremont Graduate University and studied in Peking University. He has taken part in the Bible study series since 2014 and would take one section of the series which is conducted every year by the Houzaimen Church.

The videos of his lecture are posted in the Church's WeChat account, the most popular social communication platform in China.

Aside from taking part in the Bible lecture series, Dr. Xie shared the message of John for the pastoral staff of the city in April for a three-day lecture series.

At least 2000 people have attended the study.

Wenyu Xie is Professor of Philosophy, Shandong University, Jinan, China and Special Guest Professor of Theology, International Theological Seminary Seminary, El Monte, California, United States. He has published two books: The Concept of Freedom: The Platonic-Augustinian-Lutheran-Kierkegaardian Tradition and Plato's Timaeus.

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