Sinicizing Christianity: Bible Player in Local Chinese Dialect Gets Issued

Bible and hymn player in local Chinese dialect gets issued
Bible and hymn player in local Chinese dialect gets issued (photo: Fujian CCCTSPM)
By Lin ChaoqunFebruary 1st, 2016

On January 30, 2016, the Xiuyu District CCC&TSPM of Putian held the thanksgiving worship for releasing the Bible and hymn player in dialect spoken in Putian, Fujian. On that day, 2000 players were sold.

Most believers in Xiuyu District live in villages, speaking the Putian dialect in their daily life. Some who have low literacy or illiterates are not able to understand Mandarin, especially the aged who seek to sing hymns or read the Bible in Putian dialect. They who have plenty time to listen to God's Word can't find related resources therefore they turn to play Mahjong.

To integrate the dialect and local culture into Christianity, the CCC&TSPM of the district decided to purchase recording equipments and to record audios of the Bible and hymns spoken in Putian dialect. The ministry was completed by 64 co-workers within two years. The audios were planted into the media player.

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