Zhongnan Seminary Holds the Theological Seminar “Sinicization of Christianity”

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The Seminar
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The Seminar
3/3The Seminar
By Grace ZhiOctober 9th, 2015

Zhongnan Seminary held the Theological Seminar "Sinicization of Christianity" in the form of theses, sermons and speeches discussing "Sinolization of Christianity" from Sept. 28 to 29.

According to the reports from Hubei CCC/TSPM, Pastor Xiao Anping, the vice dean of Zhongnan Seminary hosted the seminar. The Dean Pastor Wang Zhenren shared the theological construction and significance of  "Sinicization of Christianity", meanwhile, he recalled the experience that Bishop Ding. Guangxun came to Wuhan to guide the theological construction the first time in 2002. Pastor Zhu Zhiguo conveyed the spirit of the conference "In Memory of the 100th anniversary of Anglican Bishop. Ding's Birth and  Sinicization of Christianity Seminar", which was held in Beijing, and he encouraged the students to attend this program actively.

During the seminar, five teachers of Zhongnan Seminary spoke respectively in the form of articles and theses. Pastor Zhao Qiufen shared how to find favor in the eyes of God and men with the title "Find Favor in Your Eyes" ; Pastor Zheng Xiaofang talked about "View of Chinese blessing through God's promise for Abraham" ---the similarity between God's promises for Abraham through verses and Chinese character and culture and demonstrated the necessity of sinolization of Christianity; Pastor Xie Yonghui stated the four aspects: the denifition, necessity, the property of Non-assimilation or dissimilation and the purpose of sinicization of Christianity in the thesis A Glance of the Spirit of Sinolization of Christianity.

In the thesis The Exploration by the Three Doctors on Sinicization of Christianity, Pastor Fu Yuhao stated the exploration and contribution by Dr. Ding Guangxun, Dr. Zhao Zichen and Dr. Chen Weizhong through the sinolization of Christianity as well as memorizing the efforts paid by the seniors in the principles of "self-government, self-support and self-propagation", represented by Mr. Wu Yaozong after the foundation of PRC. In the title "Christians' Life in this world", Pastor Wei Zhiyong encouraged believers to witness testimony for God.

In addition to this, four student representives gave their speeches on the themes such as "Understanding the Importance of Chinese Culture in the Way of Sinolizing Christianity", "The Responsibility Christian Should Take in China's society", "How to Practice the Faith with Love and Respect other Religions while Standing Firm on Truth and Fundermental Doctrines in the Basis of Mutual Tolerance and Respect", etc.

Every speech triggered a hot discussion and the students stated the important and urgency of Sinolization of Christianity in the aspects of faith, society, family and culture.

Zhongnan Theological Seminary, founded in 1985, has four-year undergraduate course. It is located in Wuchang, Wuhan, Hubei Province . Currently, it owns 15 teachers, 165 students enrolled and 5 classes(includes pastoral college class).

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