On International Day of Education, World Vision Says 'Home, Starting Point of Education'

A picture of a family of three posting love gestures to each other
A picture of a family of three posting love gestures to each other (photo: Canva.com)
By Mark Cui January 29th, 2024

On the occasion of International Day of Education, World Vision International published a WeChat article entitled "Home, the Starting Point of Education."

The United Nations General Assembly designated January 24th as "International Education Day" to commemorate the contribution of education to promote peace and sustainable development, as well as to advance education to deal with hate speech, prevent violent extremism, and reduce prejudice and discrimination. The theme of 2024 is "Learning for Lasting Peace," focusing on the key role of education and teachers in combating hate speech.

The article mentioned, "Family education is the one that each person first gets from their parents, and the family is the first place where children get education. Children often learn how to deal with the world by observing their family's words and deeds and interacting with their families."

"To make the family a harbor for children's safety and growth and a cradle of harmony and love, and cut off the intergenerational chain of violence, the Children's Zero Domestic Violence Project of World Vision not only provides children's workers with relevant laws, regulations, and case handling methods to deal with domestic violence incidents but also carries out positive parenting activities."

In 2023, with the help of World Vision, more than 19,200 parents received positive family education and parenting learning.

Starting with parents' self-awareness and self-recognition, the activity encourages parents to reflect on their personal values and parenting styles and promotes non-violent family communication.

According to World Vision China, established in 1950, World Vision is a child-focused international relief, development, and advocacy organization. The Hong Kong Office was set up in 1962 to continue its work.

The website said, "In 1993, the China Ministry Department of World Vision Hong Kong became World Vision China to further its mission of alleviating poverty and realizing development in China."

It continued, "To meet the requirements of 'The Law of the People's Republic of China on the Administration of Activities of Overseas Nongovernmental Organizations in the Mainland of China,' enacted in 2017, World Vision China officially registered in China in the name of World Vision China Foundation Limited."

- Translated by Oliver Zuo

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