The 21st Issue of Journal of Research for Christianity in China Published

The 21st Issue of Journal of Research for Christianity in China 2023
The 21st Issue of Journal of Research for Christianity in China 2023 (photo: Journal Of Research For Christianity In China)
By Karen LuoDecember 21st, 2023

The newest issue of the Journal of Research for Christianity in China has been published.

The semi-yearly journal, founded in 2013, is a joint publication by the Center for Christian and Chinese Studies in Los Angeles, USA, and the Center for Religious and Chinese Social Studies in Shanghai University, China. 

The contents of the current 21st issue of 2023 are as follows:

From the Editor (NIE Li), Page 1

Special Articles, Page 7

On the World-picture Logic (ZHA Changping), Page 33

Articles, Page 34

Political Discipline and Catholic Ceremony in Manchukuo: Taking the Record of Manchuria Monthly as an Example (XU Bingsan, ZHAO Yang), Page 52

Dependence or Independence? The Attempting Discussion on “ Three-Self” of Hong Kong Pentecostal Mission (CHEN Mingli) Page 72

Gospel and Contextualization: A Case Study of St. Stephen’s Church, HKSKH (CHEN Ruiwen), Page 95

Religion, Gender and Medicine: The Nursing and Midwifery Practice of an English Woman Missionary in Yunnan and its Implications, 1933–1939 (Li Minghui), Page 132

Research on the Central China Arthington Hospital in Huangpei (KANG Wanying), Page 153

An introduction to the special collection “Archives on the History of Christianity in China” in the Hong Kong Baptist University Library (WONG Wan Yu), Page 163

The Boxer Movement and the Disputes between Medieval China and the Modern West from the Perspective of the Conflict between Eastern and Western Civilization (LI Anze), Page 181

Seven Spirits from Patmos: Towards a Decolonial Chinese Theology for the Third Millennium (Jacob Chengwei FENG), Page 182

Belief as Faith: Taking Christianity as an Example (BI Congcong), Page 240

Implications of Matteo Ricci's Missionary Methods for Sinicization of Christianity (YANG Sitong),  Page 266

A woman is not independent of a man. And Man is Not Independent of Woman: The Order of the Creation of Man and Woman in 1 Corinthians 11:2–16 (LI Hao), Page 318

Art and Rebirth: the Theme of Humanistic Criticism (SHI Chenggang), Page 332

Isaac Newton’s Geometric Biblical Interpretation (LIU Zhiqiang), Page 354

Translations, Book Reviews and Reports, Page 355

Documents, Page 391

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