Christian Testimony Series: Faithful, Reliable Believers

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By Wu ZhongyiJune 30th, 2022

There are many testimonies among faithful and reliable believers, and I will share two with you today.

An accountant who doesn't cook the books

One female Christian was the chief accountant of her company, responsible for the major accounting matters. Because of her proficiency and serious work, the boss trusted her very much, letting her lead a small finance team.

One day she said to me, “I’m leaving as I won’t work there anymore.” I was surprised, as the boss thought highly of her, so why did she intend to leave? She said the company sometimes had to cook the books, but she didn't like to follow, either out of faith, conscience, or her duty as an accountant. Keeping refusing to do that, she wouldn't be able to stay there. As a result, she was thinking about quitting, asking me to help her find a suitable job.

But it wasn't long before she told me, “Thank God! I find another job as an accountant.“

It turned out that she had an interview with a large company. Having been working in finance for a long time with high professional quality, she quickly passed the business examination. That day, the boss of the new company interviewed her in person, asking, “Why did you leave your previous company?” She answered honestly,“I don't want to cook the books.” The boss was happy as he liked employees who were dedicated and loyal to their work. As a result, she was hired with honesty, which is the most basic quality and ethics of an accountant.

This time, she not only found a new position as a financial director, with a higher salary than before.

A boss who returned things that did not belong to him

One male believer was a self-employed boss in the communications equipment business. Guided by biblical truths in his business dealings such as justice and honesty, he made many business partners in the north and south, including Taiwanese businessmen.

Once he ordered a batch of fax machines from a Taiwanese Christian businessman. After receiving the machines, he found that there were 20 extra machines, each one with a wholesale price of 3,000 yuan. After finding the mistake, he immediately took the initiative to contact the owner of the goods by phone, clearly telling him that he had given 20 extra machines. It turned out that the salesman of that company had delivered the wrong goods. They then negotiated to return the 20 extra fax machines.

Developing deeper friendships and contact, the Taiwan businessman has also introduced him to some business partners on the mainland. Even after they stopped doing business for a few years and the Taiwan businessman returned to Taipei, they still remained in touch and talked about their faith.

-Translated by Stephen Huang

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