Discussion of Anti-globalization Sentiment on G20 Summit

G20 Summit 2016
G20 Summit 2016 (photo: screenshot)
By Kirsten Kane RosaSeptember 2nd, 2016

The rising of anti-globalization sentiment across the world totally concerned, Jack Ma, Alibaba founder and CEO according to CCTV.com when he was asked about his proposal to G20 leaders.

"Globalization is nothing wrong. But we need to perfect it," said Jack Ma.

"People don't like globalization, not because globalization is bad. If globalization can really benefit everybody, and enable every individual and small business to take part, it will be a great stuff. So we give our proposal, and I'm honored it's been written into B20 policy recommendation report," said Jack Ma.

Launching an electronic World Trade Platform, or e-WPT which aims to permit small businesses to trade globally through e-commerce is his proposal.

"OK, now some guy in Brazil wants to sell something to Argentina, how can he find his customers? Online. How can he transact money for payment? How can he solve the logistic problem? How can he solve the data problems? How can he go through customs office in an efficient way? You need a platform to help to and enable them to do this," said Jack Ma.

"Organization is like a treaty or agreement among the governments, so rules and laws. Platform is an enabler. We should set up a more feasible way for small business to do it," said Jack Ma when asked about the difference between an organization and a platform.

However, as the e-commerce mogul is fighting anti-globalization through modernization, other business personalities would like to go for policy changes from G20 leaders. 

"We need to reduce all these protectionism measures, rolling back the old ones, and reducing all these kinds of small and regional trading agreements, which turn out to be complicated," said Ning Gaoning, Sinochem chairman, B20 Trade & Investment Taskforce Chair.

According to Ning, the business community worldwide hopes the G20 to concentrate on structural reforms.

"I think China has made an extremely important step in changing the course of G20 Presidency, away from mainly financial issues and macro-economic stabilization in the promotion of growth towards a much more inclusive approach to human well-being," said Prof. Dennis J. Snower, President of Kiel Institute for World Economy.

The world is looking diligently to whether the G20 summit will make an impact after years of weak global economy. 

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