Amity Foundation Fosters Orphans in Hainan to Seek More Chances

The "Rural Orphan Fostering Project" in Hainan
The "Rural Orphan Fostering Project" in Hainan
By Yi YangAugust 8th, 2016

Recently, Amity Foundation, an independent Chinese voluntary organization, carried out "The 1000 Action - Rural Orphan Fostering Project", along with the Hainan Provincial Committee of the China Democratic National Construction Association(CDNCA) in Hainan.

According to Amity, the foundation has confirmed more than 90 orphans needed to be funded, and before this, they completed the investigation into homes and did data verification on July 22. The project will be under examination and approved after the information is entered into the system. Meanwhile, Amity is looking for sponsors to support the program. 

A project member said, "Amity wants to see whether there is any other local need through the project, which is an exploration. We will see if it is possible to develop other programs within the current project." 

Initiated in 2008,  the project launched a monthly charity donation program for rural orphans with the help of Tencent, developer and operator of Chinese instant messaging (IM) tool QQ. It had received donations from over 710,000 netizens until February 2014.

By August 2014, the program covered ten provinces and over 90 counties in China, raising 29 million yuan that would pay at least the three-semester study and living expenses of 5669 sponsored rural orphans.

It is said that the orphans who study in primary schools and middle schools in the rural areas will receive an annual fund of 1340 yuan each and every senior high school student will get 2680 yuan. As for orphans who will attend colleges, Amity will ask the will of sponsors as to how much will be granted as an annual fund. 

Besides the financial help, Amity holds a series of activities to help the orphans grow healthy. 


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