Testimony: How Christ Delivers Me From Addiction

A picture of candles
A picture of candles
By HuoshiJune 26th, 2023

A drug rehabilitation center can help you overcome physical problems, but it's unable to resolve your spiritual issues," explained a male believer surnamed Huang, who had been addicted to drugs for over two decades when reflecting on his rehab experience.

Despite having lost a thriving company that used to generate annual revenue of a million yuan due to the drugs, Huang has now started a fishing business after experiencing life transformation through faith in God.

"Others snorted drugs while I injected them," said Huang, adding that he used ten times more drugs than others. While the average person spent about 100 yuan per day on drugs, Huang spent thousands of yuan daily. He would remain awake during the night, snorting drugs until morning, and then be drowsy and lazy throughout the day with no desire to make a living. Eventually, he handed over his company to others as there was no motivation to earn money anymore.

Amid the trials of addiction, Huang lost count of the number of times he had been to rehab. "I went countless times," he said, acknowledging that he knew it was nearly impossible for him to quit completely, especially since he took an enormous amount of drugs. Huang added that the most challenging aspect of addiction was the struggle within the heart.

During one particular instance, Huang considered purchasing drugs but found himself without a syringe. The only one available was previously used by someone whose body was riddled with festering wounds. Huang knew the risk of contracting AIDS was high among drug addicts, but he ignored those fears and took the injection regardless, due to his addiction ruling his mind and heart. As a result, his mother advised his wife to leave him, as their family believed he would perish if he continued with that behavior.

During his most desperate moment in 2012, when he even attempted to commit suicide, Huang's mother advised him to keep the faith, saying "You should believe in God who will save you." Although many people had spoken with him previously, it was this time that he followed his mother to church and fervently prayed. Later, Huang discovered that his mother had believed two years before him and had been praying silently for his safety. His wife also accompanied him to church and prayed alongside him.

Miraculously, upon accepting Jesus Christ as the Lord of his life, the negative desires that once consumed him diminished instantly, leaving barely any craving for drugs. Huang realized that his addiction had controlled him because sin had taken dominion over him, leaving no escape. "When we believe, sin can no longer have dominion over us; it cannot tempt me, and I can overcome it; that is the new birth," Huang said. Through Christ's rebirth, Huang was ushered into a renewed life.

It was not an instant process for him to overcome his drug addiction, though. For more than six months, he took two pills for detox at a time, eventually reducing his dosage to just 1/16 of the original amount. On one occasion, Huang fought hard to stay sober until the next day, when his drug cravings became unbearable. At that moment, his wife pleaded with the Lord to spare him. "It was amazing - I was cured instantly," Huang said. From that day on, he has remained clean.

"If I had not fallen into drug addiction, I would never have found my belief in the Lord. That is what God allowed me to experience by destroying the self-confident and arrogant side in me gradually through my circumstances." Currently, the former addict leads a "renewal fellowship" at the church while also maintaining his personal work. The fellowship is a unique community where every member has confronted drug addiction and rediscovered the love of God.

-Translated by Nonye Nancy

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