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Tuesday, November 28, 2023
Documentary 'Retrospecting: The 500th Anniversary of the Reformation': Ep.01 'Martin Luther - The Reformer Who Has Changed the Times'
The Reformation originated from Mysticism. The very people who struggled with God throughout their whole lives found themselves in His light, continuously keeping influencing others and the world. Martin Luther, also a musician, deeply impacted Johann Sebastian Bach with his theology. Luther was a theologian who liberated women and encouraged them to be educated. If he lived in our times, he would have been a supporter of feminism (not today’s so-called radical feminism). His love for his wife Katharina von Bora surpassed the limitations of that era’s law, and he left all his legacy to her even though it was illegal to do so. </br> </br> The documentaries are produced by Elizabeth Pan Leilei & Edward Wang Xin. CCD reprints them from their Wechat platform “E2Studio”.
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