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Friday, April 23, 2021
Billy Graham's Special Ties to China
Billy Graham, the "son-in-law"of his wife Ruth's birthplace, shared special ties to China.
Billy Graham was received by Bishop Ding Guangxun (Bishop K.H.Ting), president and chairman emeritus of CCC&TSPM, in 1988.
The mayor of Huai‘an sent a painting to the Grahams in 1988.
In 1988, Ruth Bell Graham met her childhood friend in Huai'an where she was born to the Bells.
Billy and Ruth Graham visited Ruth's birthplace in Huaiyin, 1988.
Billy and Ruth Graham prayed with Huai'an believers, 1988.
Billy Graham delivered a sermon in Beijing Chongwenmen Church, 1988.
Billy Graham preached in Shanghai Moore Memorial Church (Muen Church), 1988.
Billy Graham and his father-in-law, Dr. Lemuel Nelson Bell who was a medical missionary in China
The tombstone of Dr. Nelson Bell in Huai'an
The Grahams met Zhu Rongji, China's vice premier at that time, in Beijing,1988.
Prime Minister Li Peng met the Grahams in 1988.
Billy Graham talked with Chinese President Jiang Zemin who was visiting the United States in Los Angeles in 1997.
Will Graham's third visit to China
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