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Thursday, October 28, 2021
Christian Singer Will Liu Once again Serves as "Hope Ambassador" of Cancer Foundation
Christian singer Will Liu with his son Ian LiuChristian singer Will Liu with his son Ian Liu

Christian singer Will Liu is once again serving as an ambassador for a cancer foundation, hoping to help cancer patients tackle the issue of social isolation and increase their self-confidence through the wig bank.

Liu is again the "Hope Ambassador" of the Hope Foundation for Cancer Care. 

His son Ian had his hair cut that he had grown out for more than three years in 2020. He gave it as a gift to friends with cancer. This year his birthday wish is to support this charity event with more people.

Liu wrote on social media, "On September 5th, 10 years ago, we had our first child, Ian. It was not easy for Vivi as a pregnant woman, but the blessings God gave us is more than what we expected. I hope Ian could bring us more beautiful things for the world.

"In 2020, my son Ian had his hair cut that he had kept for more than three years. The hair was 30 centimeters long and had been made into long and supple wigs. We gave them as gifts to friends who have cancer. In 2021, my son and I together as the 'Hope Ambassador' again, hope to start again from the very beginning.

"Since 2005, we have raised hair bundles and funds for the production of 1,000 wigs. The 'Wig Bank' has been helping cancer patients reduce the social isolation caused by losing hair, by providing wig rental services. We hope to increase their self-confidence so that they can face treatment more positively.

"Ian's birthday wish for this year is to support this kind of charity activity with more people. I support you for love. Thank you!"

Fans commented:

"You are so kind. You will have a bright future!"

"I support you, and also support the charity activity. I hope there are more and more kind people like you, and the patients will get better and better!"

"You have done so many meaningful things. I hope you will do more."

- Translated by Yuehan Jiang

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