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Monday, March 08, 2021
Story of Jeremy Lin is Adapted into Song "God's Plan, My Path"
The cover of the song " God's Plan, My Path"The cover of the song " God's Plan, My Path"

On June 25, Jeremy Lin, who is a Christian and professional basketball player, shared on Sina Weibo that the song "God's Plan, My Plan" adapted by Taiwanese singer Kenji Wu based on his own life story had been released. 

Lin wrote on Weibo: "Thanks to Kenji Wu and Newqiran Yüsüp for rewriting my basketball experience into a very nice song. My  goal is to  follow His plan!"

Kenji Wu also shared his thoughts on Weibo, "God's Plan, My Path" is not the same as many songs I have written before, because it is a rap song composed of basketball elements. It uses a lot of sounds such as when a basketball is thrown into net, shoes rubbing on the floor, and dribbling of the basketball. I have also found a rapper, Newqiran Yüsüp, who I like to cooperate with. I hope that everyone will find the courage to face life when they listen to the song.

God has a unique plan for each of us, but it is up to us to decide how we will walk on the path that he has given us. We hope to believe in His plan rather than follow our own path. Thanks to Jeremy Shuhow Lin and Shiyu Liu, they also helped give birth to this song."

June 25th happened to be the Dragon Boat Festival. This song surprised many fans, some who left messages saying:

"Happy Dragon Boat Festival! Let’s listen to the song together"

"Mission given by Heaven! Come on!"

"Peace be with Dragon Boat Festival. Remember to eat Zongzi. I have listened to this song several times and have many things to say in my heart. I'll find a friend with whom I can share my story!"

"His plan! Come on! Hard work will pay off! Are your shoulder and knee okay now? Are you happy today? Have a beautiful meal if you are unhappy!"

- Translated by Elaina Wu

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