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Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Stream of Praise Begins First Global Live Worship
Stream of Praise Music Ministries held the first session of a global live online worship tour named "Hear our cry" on September 4, 2021.Stream of Praise Music Ministries held the first session of a global live online worship tour named "Hear our cry" on September 4, 2021.

On September 4, the first global live online worship tour "Hear Our Cry" was held by Stream of Praise, inviting Chinese people around the world to make the most yearning call to God that would shake this world.

As this online worship tour was the first attempt by Stream of Praise to do something like this, "we spent a lot of time doing research, matching the audio, the editing, the video, and everything to prepare for the online meeting," said Pastor Sandy Yu, the founder of the first overseas Chinese music ministry founded in the United States in 1993. 

There were three parts of the "Hear Our Cry" live worship set, including praise and worship, hymn sharing, and a period of listening and reflection, during which believers also had time to communicate and share with each other. More than 10,000 people participated in this live worship from mainland China, Taiwan, the Philippines, the USA, Korea, Japan, and other places around the world.

Pastor Tiffany M. Cheng and Pastor David Yu You led the praise and worship to God together. In the song ordering segment, Pastor Cheng and Pastor Sandy Yu sang the praise hymn "My Life is Dedicated to You", which was praised by Chinese Christians. The ministry team sang "Smile to the Fullest", "Running Without Giving Up" and "Let Me Stay" as requested by netizens. 

Afterward, Pastor Sandy Yu encouraged everyone with the Isiah 52:8-9 that although we were far away, unable to hear each other's worship, we were the ones who were watchers of our own cities, no matter where we were. We wanted to hear our own voices of worship, the worship in our own churches, hoping that the great works of God could be heard throughout the world.

 "When we praise God," Pastor Yu claimed, "He is about to bless us and give us greater faith."

After posting a preview of the “Hear Our Cry” worship, the Stream of Praise team said the following about their vision, "We unite and pour out our hearts in worship at the same time, lifting up God's name and speak out to the world, which will bring down a profound impact and change the spiritual environment in different cities and time zones. At the same moment, God is calling His children around the world who are willing to enter the depths of the waters to raise their voices to worship. Hope God hears our praise and our yearning call. God of glory, set up your throne in our worship, and we are longing to witness your glory!"

- Translated by Wylie Sun

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