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Saturday, August 15, 2020
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Dalian Church Holds First Worship Service since Lockdown
On July, 12, 2020, Pastor Wu Bing gave a sermon in Dalian Xishan Gospel Church.On July, 12, 2020, Pastor Wu Bing gave a sermon in Dalian Xishan Gospel Church.

On July 12,  Dalian Xishan Gospel Church held its first worship services since the resumption of gatherings.

Three services were held on Sunday, the first one started at eight o’clock in the morning. Some believers left their homes at six in the morning and arrived at the church early. They showed their health code, travel card, ID card, had their temperature taken and registered their personal information as required. They entered the church with the guidance of the co-workers. Many believers put money into the offering box and were seated as required under the guidance of the serving co-workers.

Due to the limited number of attendees, some believers had to wait to attend the second service.

Wu Bing, the senior pastor of the Xishan church, and the vice president of the Dalian CC&TSPM said, “Finally, we meet again after more than 160 days of the church being closed.” He had a three-point sermon with the title, “I see you in the life of Nathanael.”

Yang Xiaojuan, the deacon of the church, who is suffering of lung cancer, gave testimony to the glory of God about being cured under the Lord’s care.

In the gathering, Pastor Wu brought his newly published devotional book, “Happy 365” for the believers to read.

Believers participated actively in the Sunday service. An important reason for the active participation is that Pastor Wu assisted during the online ministry. The church had released the announcement of the resumption of church services in advance through its three Wechat groups and other social media contacts.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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