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Saturday, August 15, 2020
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Two Churches in Beijing Offer Multiple Online Pastoral Programs
A person reaches out their hand.A person reaches out their hand.

Affected by the resurgence of the coronavirus pandemic, all churches in Beijing continue to carry out their ministries online. Beijing Chongwenmen Church and Haidian Church have diversified their online pastoral care, and gradually added more targeted online pastoral programs.

Beijing Chongwenmen Church has launched "Love Health Care" column during the pandemic in order to better help brothers and sisters to establish and have a good marital life. The church specially arranged for pastors to share a "Love Health Care" video column. Every Thursday, the staff accompany couples in their marriages and help them to build a good marriage and enjoy life. 

The "Walking in the Workplace" column was also released during the pandemic, in order to help believers have a good perspective toward their work and equip them to become more professional. The goal is to provide support for those who are in the workplace and begin the week positively every Monday.

The Siloam Youth Fellowship (for those under 45) and the Jeshurun Middle-aged Fellowship, both received weekly online pastoral care programs beginning on June 24.

In order to accompany the growth of the congregation, Haidian Church specially set up a "faith exchange mailbox". It is designed for anyone who has theological questions, prayer requests, or if someone wants to participate in ministry and in the fellowship, they can contact the church by email.

The online sections of the audio version of "The Power of Six A", "Love God and Know Yourself" series and the music theory class were continuously updated in Haidian Church.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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