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Tuesday, November 28, 2023
Man Fined RMB 150,000 Yuan for ‘Conducting Religious Training Without Authorization’
Dali Bible SchoolDali Bible School

A man was fined RMB 150,000 yuan for “carrying out religious training without authorization”.

Dali Ethnic and Religious Affairs Commission released an administrative letter on September 13 that Ji Chun’gang, orginally born in Henan Province in 1980, was imposed a fine of RMB 150,000 yuan for “carrying out religious training without approval” in Dali, Yunnan Province, according to the WeChat account of “Deep Insight Press”.

The paper added that the man who currently lives in Panlong District, Kunming conducted religious training without authorization in Yishanhai Inn, Zhenyanghe Village, Dali on June 28. The main evidence included 19 on-site dictations, two pictures, a list of participants, and the material.

It claimed that the activity violated Article 40 and Article 41 of the revised Regulations on Religious Affairs that “collective religious activities of citizens with religious belief shall generally be held in a religious venue” and “a large religious event shall be held in accordance with the religious ritual as required by the notification of approval”.

The fine must be paid to the bank within 15 days after the document was issued. It added that the penalty would be increased by three percent per day if the fine is not paid on time. Administrative review procedures can be appealed within 60 days and the person penalized can indict the administrative litigation to the court within six months, but the decision will continue to be implemented. 

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