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Thursday, July 07, 2022
Testimony of Sister S: Preach Gospel to Honorary Father
Many red crosses form the shape of the heartMany red crosses form the shape of the heart

S set out in the drizzle to a place more than a hundred miles away to meet her honorary father. She wanted to spread the gospel to this ailing octogenarian...

Speaking of her honorary father, there is an unforgettable story. About thirty years ago, S was just twenty years old. She just started her career and fell in love with a boy of the same age.

One day, the boy took her to his home and introduced her to his parents as his girlfriend. Within a very short time, the boy’s parents started to regard S as their future daughter-in-law.

However, the boy soon fell in love with someone else. S was a little sad, but she can still deal with it since they got along with each other for a short time and did not have much deep relationship.

Surprisingly, the boy’s parents could not accept this result. The boy’s father, in particular, could not bear his son’s unfaithfulness since he had a really good impression on S. The father was so sad that he became seriously ill and bedridden.

At that time, S was working in the factory. She heard about the old man’s situation—he was very sick and ate little for a long time. Although she had no connection with the boy, the kind-hearted woman decided to visit his father in her spare time.

The old man, who had not gotten up for a week, recovered a lot when he saw S. That day, the old man sat up. He hold her hands and said with tears that he would never be so lucky to have such a good girl as his daughter-in-law. S comforted him and said, “Don’t be too sad! Though I can’t be your daughter-in-law, I can be your honorary daughter!” So, the old couple became her honorary parents.

During these thirty years, S has been in contact with her honorary parents. Her honorary mother died last year. Recently, her honorary father told S that he was not well and in hospital.

Because of her work and the inconvenient transportation (her honorary father lives more than 100 miles away from her), S could not visit the old man. She told him to come to her home to recuperate after discharge. Due to some concerns, after leaving the hospital, the old man neither went to S’s home nor to his son’s but to his own home. S was so worried since he is already more than eighty years old.

Recently, due to the pandemic, S had days off and could visit the old man. She planned to preach the gospel to him. Then the scene described at the beginning of the article happened.

She prayed for him and committed everything to the Lord. Shortly after she stepped out, the sun came out. On the way there, S called the old man and told him that she was on the way to visit him.

After more than 100 miles of traveling along the rugged roads, which took several hours, she arrived.

The old man asked a 70-year-old neighbor to come and help him to prepare lunch before S arrived. The aunt cracked three eggs and cooked a meal for her.

After the meal, S began to talk with her honorary father and the aunt about Jesus.

Thank God for his work in people’s hearts, these two elderly people were both willing to accept the Christian faith, saying their resolution prayer with the help of S.

The story of S and her honorary father now comes to an end. And it tells us to love people around us first. Let the people you love and those who love you be blessed first. Don’t neglect the people around you!

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