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Wednesday, December 08, 2021
Pastor Encourages Believers to Meditate on God’s Blessings in Autumn Harvest
Daming Church in Handan City, Hebei Province, held a retreat and evangelistic meetings between 4-6 October, 2021.Daming Church in Handan City, Hebei Province, held a retreat and evangelistic meetings between 4-6 October, 2021.

The past National Day Holiday was a golden week for many Chinese travelers, but it was one of the busiest days for rural farmers. As it had been raining in a city in northern China, local farmers were worried about how to harvest the ripe maize in the field. The farmers had to reap corn crops by their own hands because the farmlands turned soft and muddy, rendering the harvesters completely useless.

Meanwhile, local church retreats started, despite the fact that there were not many participants in the rainy harvesting season.

With the theme “God Will Bless Us” citing Psalm 67, the speaker preached that God always has plans to give us blessings and peace, but we often misinterpret his will. The psalm shows us that if we pray for God’s grace then we will receive his blessings. As fish cannot live without water, we are unable to leave God. Our God will definitely bless us when we ask for his mercy.

His blessings lead us into rest and a channel of his blessings for all nations.

“We should not become worldly Christians, but world-class Christians,” said the pastor.

Every Christian should have a vision and a mind encompassing God’s kingdom. We need to pray for the unreached to know God and accept the gospel since the people in the world are his people.

The speaker encouraged the audience not to neglect any opportunity in our daily life to spread the gospel, whether you are driving, walking, on the train, or flying in a plane.

He shared a testimony that his ward mates heard the gospel when he was having an eye disease treated in a hospital. When he was hospitalized, he often sang hymns with joy, which other ward mates could hardly comprehend. They were curious about what he was doing.

He said, “The man who stayed beside me is a fat cat in my life. His family was very wealthy 30 years ago. He wanted water, but he failed to fetch water for himself due to a serious vision loss. I gave him water and washed fruit for him, serving him in very little ways. I told him that you suffered more serious eye illness than me. Though you are wealthy, you are not happy. I shared the gospel with him in this way. Finally, when I was discharged, he said to me that he would go to church with me when he would be out of the hospital. He became a Christian. ”

- Translated by Karen Luo

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