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Sunday, April 18, 2021
People Mourn for Rev. Jack K. Chow, Father of "Inner Life"
Rev. Jack K. Chow, and his wife NancyRev. Jack K. Chow, and his wife Nancy

The memorial service of the Chinese "inner life" leader, Rev. Jack K. Chow, and his wife Nancy were held online on February 13, 2021. Thousands of people gathered together to mourn and witness the couple's sincerity and efforts in their pastoral life.

Rev. Chow and his wife, afflicted with COVID-19 pneumonia, were returned to Heaven on January 30 and February 5, respectively. The JMI (Jesus Ministries International) team, formed by Rev. Chow in 2006, held a memorial service.

Born in Nanjing, Chow's ancestral home is in Dongguang County, China's northern Hebei Province. Having studied in the United States and specialized in Radio and Television Journalism at an early age, he held important Chinese and foreign media positions in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Washington. He has authored many books on the Holy Spirit, charity, and inner life, including Waiting on GodThe Anointing Teaches Us in All Things, and The Inward Christian Life

At the service, the son of Rev. Chow recalled the work and life of the couple. "Their life is to let people know, to love, and to become like Christ," he said, "they faithfully served the Lord all their lives and were committed to the Lord's call to preach Jesus Christ to the end of their lives." At the same time, he urged the participants not to lose hope, "The Holy Spirit, who was with Rev. Chow and his wife, will continue to work on each of us. Although some of us felt we had lost our precious pastor, we were still able to run with the Holy Spirit and do what Jesus and the Holy Spirit wanted us to do."

After that, three sisters offered a hymn. The workers commemorated the lives of Rev. Chow and his wife through videos and photos.

Some pastors and fellow workers also witnessed the service life of Rev. Chow and his wife. Some of them said that they taught many people through letters, including many pastors, treating them as their children. These pastors learned much from Rev. Chow, such as how to pray, how to shepherd or lead a team, etc. Through the couple's ministry and life, they learned how to love Jesus and how to pass on to others to love Jesus.

The participating pastors witnessed Rev. Chow and his wife in different ways:

"Rev. Chow is usually very quiet, sitting in front of his desk, meditating, and sharing his affection from the Holy Spirit."

"He is humble, obedient, and joyful. He is always willing to follow the Holy Spirit's lead to set aside his thoughts and focus on Jesus Christ."

"His wife is very meticulous. As a person of intercession, she could always correctly say everyone's name. She supported Rev. Chow and walked with him side by side."

"Their life-long commitment to serving the Lord moved many people to want to help Him more."

- Translated by Sophia Chen

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